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22 Aug 2019

Total Technology Partners showcased their advanced submarine control room simulator, CRUSE, at the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) SCINDICATE 2019 event on the 15th and 16th of August. CRUSE was developed in partnership with DST to support research and development of operational and command and control concepts for Australias future Submarine fleet.

Industry 4.0, The Winds Of Change

Industry 4.0, The Winds Of Change

15 Mar 2019

We're in the middle of what's been heralded as the fourth Industrial Revolution. The first three revolved around advances in manufacturing, this ones one goes far beyond manufacturing. Smart, connected technologies are transforming how parts and products are designed, made, used, and maintained. And by ushering in a digital reality, they are transforming organizations themselves.

C++ Core Guidelines

C++ Core Guidelines

12 Mar 2019

C++ is often touted as "the language for smart people" -- and that's not always a compliment. With its flexibility and power come boundless opportunities for disaster. The C++ Core Guidlines is a a new guide by the Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, advocating the use of a subset of the C++ language and teaches a set of rules for creating sefer faster and easier to understand code.

Tools for Augmented Reality

Tools for Augmented Reality

07 Mar 2019

For most people Augmented Reality (AR) seems to be a kind of some exotic technology used in Hollywood movies like Avatar, The Matrix, and The 5th Element. Augmented reality is simply technology that upgrades our view into the real with additional layers of digital information such as sound, video and graphics. Are you prepared for the next step in application evolution?


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